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Top 5 Sailing Cross Over Sports

As younger sailors we like to stay active.  Sitting at anchor sipping margaritas is fun, but is better after dark.  Daytime is playtime.  Below are the top five sailing cross over sports…in no particular order.


The obvious connection between sailing and kiteboarding is the wind.  Kiteboarding has taken off lately, with lots of cruisers/sailors carrying kites on board and heading to kite specific destinations.  Sometimes sailing a bigger boat can leave you feeling a bit removed from the elements.  Kiteboarding is the perfect way to get back to that feeling of harnessing the raw power of the wind.  Team Giddyup has figured out the kiteboarding/sailing cross over as they launch kites from their sailboat in the Tuomotus.

kiteboarding sailing cross over


Usually sailboats stay as far away as then can from breaking waves, but they are a pretty awesome way of getting you close enough to chuck out the surfboard.  Surfboards are relatively easy to store on deck and are almost a hallmark of younger cruisers.  They also provide an efficient and cost effective mode of transportation when your dinghy deflates. Ocean Gybe is a good example of friends going on a surfing filled sailing trip, and bringing attention to the problem of oceanic pollution.

sailing surfing cross over


Climbing and sailing are not obvious cross over sports, but they have more in common than one might think.  Sailing can get climbers out to otherwise inaccessible areas and take their gear with them.  There’s also the common connection of ropes and knots.  Lately, there has been a rash of sailing/climbing expeditions.  Check out Sailing Vertical (aka Dodo’s Delight) for a rather bro-filled account of some pretty amazing climbing directly off the sailboat and Yachting World’s article on Skip Novak.

Climbing sailing cross over


There are a lot of reasons that sailing and diving are a good cross over.  Having scuba gear on board is a great to clean your bottom or to disentangle a fouled anchor, or even to pick up some crab dinner.  Diving from your boat means you can get out to less-frequented locations, explore rumored wrecks and have the comforts of home when you get back.  There’s room for your gear and if you’re really splash you might even have a compressor on board. Y&S favorites, Dan and Kristy run a diving adventure company and are sailing at the same time, check out their adventure here!

diving sailboat


Bernard Moitessier brought yoga to the sport of sailing.  The ultimate yoga-sailor he practiced yoga as a way to keep his mind still and his body active during his famous round the world race with Sir Robin Knox Johnston.  Getting activity on board the boat can be difficult and yoga provides the physical exertion we crave.  Also, the poses are somewhat more challenging on the water and not falling overboard can add some spice to an otherwise simple routine.  Check out this informative routine for some yoga poses on a sailboat…soft jazz optional.

boat yoga