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100 sailing Instragram accounts

Looking to connect with sailors on Instagram or just flip through some dreamy sailing photos? Audrey Ruhland of Thisldu shares her favorites in this list of 100 sailing Instagram accounts.

Oh, social media. It can be a blessing and a curse. Today, I’d like to talk about the former.

In my last post, Find Your Sailing Community, I talked about how, despite my late start to sailing, I’ve been welcomed into a wonderful and widespread sailing community. Much of that community has been built over social media; Instagram to be exact.

My in-person social interactions with sailors have been limited to the San Francisco Bay Area, where my husband and I live on our Rafiki 35. But thanks to Instagram, I now connect regularly with sailors in New England, the Caribbean, Mexico, Croatia…the list goes on and on.

All of these sailors are inspiring. Each of their stories is so different – there are cruising couples, circumnavigating families, weekend racers. Female solo sailors, retirees, and groups of millennials are all taking to the water and documenting their experiences.

Here’s a list of my 100 favorite sailing instagram accounts. It’s made up of public accounts that have English-speaking people—not brands—behind them.

Handle About
@adventureadrift Exploring the planet on S/V Varuna
@adventuresoftarka Capt. Bryan on S/V Tarka sailing around the world to raise awareness for coral reef conservation
@afamilyafloat A family of 5 on a 40′ sailboat making their way around the world
@alifeaboard Sailors, adventurers, Maine liveaboards, merchant mariners
@asailingadventure A couple cruising halfway around the world and sharing their adventures on their 36 foot Van de Stadt yacht
@aurelija_sy_alka A Lithuanian couple sailing on their Beneteau First 375
@boatlifelarks Digital nomads teaching English online and sailing their catamaran in the US and the Bahamas
@boatsboardsandbabies A large family traveling between their New England Home and Caribbean-based sailboat, Robin Hood
@brookebasspdx Food blogger-turned-sailor living aboard a 40′ sailboat named Soulstice with her husband and chocolate lab in the Caribbean
@butteradd1ct Professional sailboat hitchhiker
@capedorysailor Sailing Lake Michigan aboard a Cape Dory 36
@captainandlily Exploring the world’s oceans one summer at a time
@captainjohnoliver Sailing the Great Lakes, the seven seas, and anything in between
@carlota_texeira Sailing on S/Y Islander
@caroline_g_rowell A badass sailor and mama-to-be
@cat_impi Sailing around the world on a Lagoon 440
@dreamtimesail Liveaboards Rob and Karen sailing the world on their Whitby 42 ketch
@earlwrites Sailor of SV Delos who decided to carry on her own adventure restoring her dimasted Amel to sail the world
@elayna_c YouTube sensation Elayna of Sailing La Vagabonde
@girl_gone_sailing Maja-Cæcilie is crossing the Atlantic from Denmark to the Caribbean and back
@giuliaferrero21 An Italian sailor who’s crossed oceans and then some
@jeingall Adventures of a female Canadian sailor & pilot
@kjlettko Creator, yogi, marketer, and sailor
@knotvikings Swedish family sailing a Najad 37 and documenting their travels on Youtube
@la_vie_sailing A Swedish couple living aboard their boat with their two dogs, about to head south
@life_with_less A family living a minimalist life on the sea
@lifeinthekeyofsea Helping out with oceanic research via a drifter deployment coordinated by The International Society of SeaKeepers
@luigiberlendis Setting the sails to discover the world
@morninggloryblog Sailor and photographer based out of Buffalo, NY
@nauticaladjustment A couple sailing and refitting SV Kairos, a 1978 43’ Young Sun
@oceanpreneur Stories from an author, creator, sailor, freediver, kitesurfer, and ocean activist
@particularharbor 30-somethings John and Michelle set sail from San Francisco, heading towards the Panama Canal
@projectliveaboard A couple and their dog sailing and refitting their 1979 Catalina 30 to live aboard in Ventura, CA
@riley.whitelum Sailing around the world with @elayna__c documenting their travels on YouTube
@roryfinneren Voyaging with his wife aboard their CS 36
@s.v.apricity Sailing S/V Apricity out of Ventura, CA
@sailboatfurminger French-Canadian couple living the dream and sailing around the globe on their CSY 44 with their dog and cat
@sailing_borabora Living aboard and traveling on a 1974 Victory 40
@sailing_chance Exploring the world by land and sea with a newborn, two small pups and a kick-ass yacht
@sailing_dotzi Yannick and Sean quit their jobs, sold everything, bought a sailboat to live on the sea
@sailing_jaeka A French/Ukrainian couple sailing in the Mediterranean Sea and making movies along the way
@sailing_nandji Ocean dwellers sailing the world and documenting on YouTube
@sailing_nauti_pirate Sailing and refitting an Irwin 32 on the Great Lakes
@sailing_shamrock Sailing the waters of stunning Australian shores with their Top Hat 25 pocket cruiser
@sailing_tranquilo A family sailing around the world and documenting on YouTube to inspire others to follow their dreams
@sailing_uncharted Sailors in in Wales with their Westerly 33 Ketch that they’re doing up and sharing
@sailingbritaly A couple and their baby sailing Britaly
@sailingcharleston Sailing adventures from Charleston, South Carolina
@sailingcitation Sailors on an adventure from their home port of Sydney
@sailingfrannie Cruisers who bought their sailboat in March of 2017 and set sail from Toronto later that year
@sailinggrandiosa A Swedish family with two teenagers taking a sabbatical year to live their dream and sail across the Atlantic
@sailinghangtime Learning to sail and discover life at sea on a new Fountaine Pajot Saona 47′ sailing catamaran
@sailingin2deep A couple learning how to sail and fix up an Endeavor 37 to live aboard
@sailingkarma Cruising and telling sailing tales of the unexpected
@sailingkittiwake Two vloggers sailing on a budget from the UK to the Med on their 26′ catamaran
@sailinglunasea A couple in their 40s who left the rat race to travel full time
@sailinglutris Sailing the Salish Sea (for now) aboard their Norseman 447
@sailingnimbus A salty family sharing their journey as they learn to sail
@sailingsaleana Full-time liveaboards teaching themselves how to sail while working to pay off their yacht and fit her for distance sailing
@sailingsatori A couple sailing around the world with their dog Arthur on their sailboat, Satori
@sailingscehawk Sailing Scehawk of Tamar, a 1983 Sigma 41
@sailingseacasa Two 20-something brothers who are preparing to cross the Pacific in a Hunter 31
@sailingseagypsies A couple refitting their 31′ catamaran S/V Sea Gypsy with the goal to sail back to Australia
@sailingthekraken Two fearless sailors and their not-so-fearless dog
@sailingtotem Life on a sailboat, cruising the world’s oceans as a family
@sailinguma Full-time travelers sailing the world on their electric sailboat
@sailingzatara TX family of 6 sailing around the world: 16 countries & counting
@sailingzissou Adventures of Tris and Mel living aboard SV Zissou in Ventura, CA, currently getting their 33ft aquatic home up and ready to set sail in 2018
@sailorshavemorefun_cav A family and their pets out of Angra, Juiz de Fora & Lima sailing S/V L’attitude
@salty.senorita Female solo sailorette cruising with her two dogs
@saltytimes Captains Base and Jamie capturing sailing, exploring, citizen science and ocean conservation
@sams_adventures_of_sv_sunstar A family of sailors, pirates, and divers on SV Sunstar, a Sunfast 27 in South Australia
@seaslifeforgood A boat captain and a ballerina sailing
@seektoseemore A couple island hopping on their 1981 Gulfstar 44’
@sv_gitana Sailing S/V Gitana, a Hans Christian 33
@sv_nomad A couple telling the story of their crew (including a cat and a dog!) and adventures at sea aboard S/V Nomad
@sv_seaquel Sailors on a Columbia 9.6 exploring the IBX of NC one adventure at a time
@sv_untangled Newlyweds, sailors, adventurers loving life on the sea with their salty pup, currently headed from Mexico to Central America
@svdelos The crew of the YouTube famous Delos
@svliquid A cruising couple traveling the world on their 1960s steel ketch
@svprism Exploring the world by sailboat one anchorage at a time
@svshaula Sailing the seven seas and documenting their travels
@svsognare New Zealand liveaboards on their Beneteau Oceanis 411
@sy7seas A family of 5 sailing from Germany to…wherever they please
@syquini 1 permanent captain and 4 relay crew left from Lanzarote in November 2017 to sail around the globe
@teresaandben Sailing educators and ocean advocates
@thenauticals A Sydney City girl & her Boaty Beau go sailing
@thesailingyogi Sailing the beautiful waters of the Whitsunday Islands
@thesailormon Sailing blogger and photographer cruising on a 1992 Hunter 28′
@thesaltynomads Sea gypsies, sun chasers, ocean lovers, and freedom hunters attempting to sail the world on SV Kyana
@thisldu_ A couple chronicling their adventures sailing and living aboard their Rafiki 35 in the San Francisco Bay
@tightlittletribe A family exploring in their 37′ floating home
@tulasendlesssummer Waterlust ambassadors sailing on a 1988 41′ Crowther Spindrift Catamaran named Adrenaline
@twothehorizon San Francisco-based cruisers planning to sail away on their Passport 42
@vet.tails_sailing.chuffed A veterinarian sailing the world with her partner and saving animals along the way
@wanderlustsailor Kiwi girl living aboard her classic boat the Escape
@wesailfurther Ex-Navy sailing on his 1986 Tartan 34
@wherethecoconutsgrow A young couple and their boat dog sailing around the Caribbean in search of surf, sun, sand and serenity
@windtraveler A liveaboard family of 5 based in the BVIs
@yachtrubyrose A couple that gave up their lives in London to follow their dream of sailing around the world

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For more sailing photos, check out some of the accounts above or Young & Salty’s Instagram.

Audrey Ruhland is an East Coast transplant learning how to sail on the San Francisco Bay. She and her husband own a Rafiki 35 in Sausalito and keep track of their adventures on and on Instagram under @thisldu.