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The sailing veterinarian – a new vlog with a furry twist

If your social feeds are full of pictures of sailboats and puppies….you are going to love the Vet Tail’s Sailing Chuffed YouTube channel.
Sheridan and Joel Lathe, an Aussie veterinarian and American marine biologist, are cruising through Central America with a furry twist. They’re offering free veterinary care to remote communities from “Chuffed”, their 37ft aluminum sailboat. They’ve already rescued a turtle, provided treatment to over a hundred island dogs and spent nights in the jungle tracking endangered frogs!
Because we love what they do (and think you will too!) here’s a special Y&S exclusive video they made about their recent Mission Pearl Islands trip where they treated 116 animals over 5 weeks (credit goes to Nike of White Spot Pirates for the awesome camera work!). YouTube link at bottom of post.

To learn more about their journey you can visit their website ( which includes lots of fun information like their income/expense reports and articles about animals they treat. You can also DONATE and support them on their mission of raising standards of animal welfare by offering free veterinary care, education, and raising awareness.