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The boating sunglasses that get replaced even if YOU break them!

Finding a good pair of boating sunglasses is no easy task. Afterall, the lifestyle takes a toll on a pair of shades. Last year, in my hunt to find a pair of decent sunnies, we went through at least a dozen pairs – crazed lenses, losing those finicky little screws, and then there’s the dreaded SOB (sunglasses over board!). All these years my strategy has been to buy cheapish ($30-$60) sailing sunglasses, something polarized to protect my eyes on the water, but not so precious that I’ll be choked when I scratch the lenses or crush them when I sit on them in the cockpit.

But, we recently had the opportunity to test out a pair of sunglasses that I think are something of a game changer: affordable, rugged, and backed by a lifetime guarantee. If you don’t want to buy super expensive glasses (because lets face it, you’re going to break them) and you’re sick of going through multiple pairs of cheap sunglasses ever season, then you’re going to want to know about SunGod sunglasses.

Note: SunGod sent us two pairs of sunglasses in exchange for an honest review. The opinions are all our own. Also, if you purchase a pair of SunGod sunglasses, you can support Waterborne by using the links in this post (and we’ll receive a small commission).

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Hey SunGod, will you replace my glasses if my dog breaks them?

A lifetime Guarantee – even if YOU break them!

The first thing that jumped out at me when SunGod sent us a couple of pairs of their SunGod Classics2 to test, was their lifetime guarantee. What does that really mean I wondered, because let’s face it, I’m not worried about a manufacturer flaw, I know my sunglasses are going to meet their end when I inadvertently drop, sit-on, step-on, or otherwise irreparably maim them! Unbelievably, this is all covered under SunGod’s lifetime guarantee. If you break them, they will take them back and send you a new pair.

I thought I’d found “a catch” when I read that they don’t cover lens repair, because after a year of use my sailing sunglasses look reptilian they’re so scratched up. Then I found out that you can actually buy a lens replacement kit for $35 – which seems super smart because (1) you don’t have to worry about babying your glasses/carrying around a protective case all the time and (2) you’re not filling landfills with sunglasses just because they’re scratched-up.

Design your own custom pair online

One of the features I liked is that you can design your own pair on their website. You can choose from three different frame styles (Classics2, Renegades, Pacebreakers) and the select a color for the fronts, arms, and lenses. Thankfully the platform is super easy to use and if you’re not the creative type, they provide lots of sample designs you can choose from.

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We’ve had our SunGod Classics2 for a week now and so far they’ve stood up well to our active lifestyle. For you sunglass nerds out there who want the specs, SunGod glasses have a 2mm polycarbonate core, and triple-layer scratch resistance. You can choose polarized or non-polarized tinted lenses in the online store.

The Fit

We liked the fit of the Classics2, though I think next time, I might opt for the Renegades or Pacebrakers which offer more wrap-around peripheral coverage (because I have a broader face). I also found the glasses quite light, which I know lots of people love, but I’m used to something a bit heavier.


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The bottom line

We’re both fans of SunGod’s Classics2. At $120 they’re priced very reasonably for performance/sport sailing sunglasses, though this is higher than what I normally pay (hello dollar store!). Still, even for me these are great value because with the Lifetime Warrantee (or as I think of it “Clutz Insurance”) I won’t be buying multiple pairs of sunglasses every year. Heck, they’d probably pay for themselves over the course of a summer.





Looking for a pair of boating sunglasses? If you buy a pair of SunGod sunglasses, support Waterborne by purchasing through this link (and we’ll receive a commission).




Friday 20th of July 2018

Great info and cool sunglasses. They seem a bit pricey but they let you customize which is fun. I saw thus and though you must be talming Shady Rays, which is similar but no lens catch. The only limit I believe is 2 replacements are allowed. I love my 2 pair and they work very will on my. 1976 O'day 25 in the lake.

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