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Welcome to the new site! Young & Salty becomes Waterborne

Waterborne is born!


17 months ago, when we launched Young & Salty, a site for sailing millennials, we were nervous that we’d hear crickets. Maybe there weren’t really any 20 and 30-something sailors out there. But we shouldn’t have worried and we’ve been totally blown away by the community that has developed over the last year and a bit. We’ve met millennial solo sailors, vloggers, weekend warriors, boat builders, parents sailing with kids, instagram sailors and even a sailing veterinarian! We’ve also had the opportunity to delve into some fun topics like how to live on a boat or buy your first boat.

Now that Robin (36) and I (31) are both in our thirties and pushing the definition of “young” we thought it was a time for a rebrand! “Young(ish) and Salty” didn’t have the same ring to it, so we’re proud to announce our new name “Waterborne”. We’ve also decided to go from being a blog to an online magazine because we feel that the term “blog” implies a personal account and we are looking to feature as many voices as we can (not just our own). Other than that (and a few other exciting surprises that we’ll be announcing down the road), it will be the same format, the same salty content for young people who love being on the water.

To celebrate, we’ve put together a list of our most popular posts from the last year (in case you missed any). We hope you’ll join us in continuing to grow this awesome community. Feel free to send us your sailing stories or drop us a line with your thoughts on the new site ([email protected]). Thanks for being a part of the journey!

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